Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you Eat Fast Food?

Found this on YouTube.  Thought it would be a good post for Watch My Weight Wednesdays! 
I do not agree with him that people can not afford to eat healthy!  Eating healthy is very easy and affordable when you learn how to do it!  That is what I am trying to share through my blog.  I found his approach interesting.  But think he could of done better.

What do you think?

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Miel Abeille said...

Angie, I think the challenge is finding the tricks to eating healthy on a budget. It's easier to eat fast food than to find a way to make affordable healthy choices. Your blog definitely makes it easier. :)

Sarah said...

I agree. Boxed Mac N Cheese, Ramen, and dollar menu items really are cheaper than fruit and vegetables. That being said, it is always possible to be healthy, no matter what the budget. Thanks for your post!

Debbi Smith said...

Yes, the dollar menu might be cheaper right now and quick but if you consider all the future doctor visits and medicine, surgury, discomfort and whatnot in the future, it's NOT cheaper and convenient. I have been off fast food for about 2 years now and while I still have a long way to go as far as losing weight, I FEEL so much better. Great motivation, thanks!

Priscilla said...

Its not only that. Everyone is raised to eat that crap. My mom would prefer a fast food burger over anything healthy as would my cousin. My cousin is constantly stating she eats veggies but I never see it. She must count oily fries as a veggie. She's already had her gal bladder removed and she's only 17.

Priscilla said...

(The sad thing about the wax paper is it said it could be used in the oven lol).

Thanks for commenting hun.

Kitty said...

I agree Angie, EVERYONE can afford to eat healthy. Just how you look at it, and if you really only make $30,000-35,000, should you REALLY be eating out? When I lived on my own, I used to be able to do almost 3 weeks of groceries on $40-50. AND it was all healthy food! I had to be a bit frugal with my menu' cats need special food that costs almost $100!! Anyways, even if you bought whole grain breads because you don't have a bread machine nor time to make it, and shopped around for sales on fruits and veggies (frozen is just as awesome), or even hit up the local farmer's markets, everyone would see how cheap being healthy really is, and would also see a huge change in the amount of money in their wallets!

Also being frugal with money and budgeting for healthy foods, these guys lived on $1 a day!!

Kelly said...

I think we live in a convenience world. It amazes me that some people don't know how to make simple food, only to buy it at a fast food place or crack open a can. Thanx for your blog. Education really is key, to EVERYTHING, because when you know better, you do better!

Shannon said...

You can eat healthy and not spend a lot of money, it is called quit buying all the snacks and spend that money on veggies can do it, it just takes time and budgeting...and the other thing is to get moving every day!

Scattered Mom said...

I think it's a combination of things. Little time, little money, and little knowledge all combine to make the perfect storm, I think.

Where I live, it's harder to eat healthy and spend little on groceries. One week a box of cereal might be $2, and the next week it's $6. We're isolated and food has to arrive by ferry. Now having said that, we make it a priority to eat healthy and I do my best to stretch our grocery dollar, but we don't have the double coupons and things that are available in the USA. With a little knowledge, I can get creative and we could still eat healthy for cheap...but without the knowledge, people reach for the junky stuff.

Time to give people the tools, I think!

Heather @36 balloons said...

One takeaway from one of the Pollan books I read was the idea that we've somehow been marketed to death with the idea that food should be easy/convenient, when in reality it does take more in the kitchen time to make it happen. I love Jamie Oliver's double emphasis on getting people excited about knowing how to cook a handful of different meals. I nearly always cook with leftovers for lunches in mind. I can do a million things w/ leftover cold pasta.

Josh said...

Thank so much for watching my video, we are helping people make better choices @


Josh Trent

Josh said...

Also I would like to add Angie, that I am not pushing the idea that people can't afford to eat healthy as we all know that health is a choice. I just aim towards a larger issue of policy reform at the federal level. Until wheat, corn, soy, canola and dairy are not funded by our tax dollars we will continue to be in this declining health state of obesity!

All we can do until then is lead by example with our forks!


Josh Trent