Friday, April 16, 2010

Why is the Sky Blue? UBP10 AFTER PARTY

Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Wow!  Boy was that a fun party that 5minsformom hosted for all of us!  I've been hoping around so much!  Now it is time for the After Party!
I visited so many new blogs!  And a follower of so many!  Here is a few of the new ones I follow...
Tori Close, 5 Vinez Monkeys, Mommy Monologues, I'm a Lazy Mom, Miss Fit, Thinking Outside The Box, Home is Where the Coffee is, A Foodie Fairytale, Dinners and Dreams, Susie B. Homemaker, Mama's Birds Nest, Jo's Health Corner, Pull up your potty seat, this could take awhile, Latte Mama, My Sweet and Savory.
If you visited my blog post for the party you would see the questions I asked!  And my favorite one is "Why is the sky blue?"  And I was so pleased that so many people answered!  I love all the answers!  These are all of them in the order that I received them!  Do you have a different answer?  Why do you think the sky is blue?

I'll tell you what my son told me....because it's not green. - Marsha
Because God decided to smile on us today and give us sun after all these blustery winter days! - Tori
I'll tell you what my kids tell me, "Because God made it that way. Duh." - Angie
The sky is blue cuz it's a bright, sunny and cloudless morning here in California. - Bri
b/c it's pretty that way? not very creative, but I tried :) - Kate
because I live in Florida and it's just about blue everyday..and God designed it that way ;-) -NSPHW
Thats the way God designed it. - MS
The sky is blue because our amazing God knew how much we'd love it! - Kirstin
The sky is blue because it wants the sun to come out! - Miss Fit
I should know this ... I just taught my second grader Earth Science last semester! ;) - Carrie
because God said so :)- i am sure it has something to do with reflections, etc- - - - Bree
IDK, but as long as your eyeshadow isn't that color, we're good! lol - Lissa
The sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. That's what google told me. ;) - PLA
As far as the sky...I don't really have a good idea for that, but I love the eyeshadow comment up above! :) - Amy
? - Nisrine
it is an illusion - Jennifer
It's a reflection from the ocean. - Tiffany
The sky is blue 'cause that's how God made it! :) - Susie B.
the sky is blue because it would be weird to look up and see a purple one. - Staci
because...hmmm, you know I have no idea. lol - Kristi
hmmmm, something about polution probably! - Amy
The sky isn't really blue! It has to do with Rayleigh Scattering and it is reflected Blue light that makes our sky blue!(i know it's a lot more complicated than that though!) - Alexis
The sky isn't really blue but I would need my nephew to tell you all the scientific details. - K
Because an orange sky would just be weird.- BWC
Because any other color would look funny! - Melissa
Um, is this a trick question? LOL - J
My kids would answer your question about the sky being blue with a "because." S and S
The sky is blue because God made it that way. (I think it is interesting how many people have skipped this question....)  - Jenny
Because it would not look right any other way. - Lisa

 To see all the comments go here

I hope you all have a lovely Weekend and hoping that the Sky is Blue!


Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose said...

Stopping by from the UBP. I also blog about healthy living, among other things.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


Miss Fit said...

Hoping God will make the sky blue, too! Have a good weekend!!

Miss Fit said...

Tried the Broccoli salad you posted and uber-liscious!!

Angie Vinez said...

Awww.... thanks for the mention! I listed you as one of my new favorites too!

kristy said...

found you thru the UBP. we'll so be back!

Sugar Bananas said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun. Last week was super busy for me so I missed out. I'm looking forward to another chance next year.

Why is the sky blue? My little one says, "Because it's shining and because the rain dried." hehehe