Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watch My Weight Wednesday! Meet Lynda!

Welcome back to another Watch My Weight Wednesday!  Today's Guest Poster is Lynda author of Taking Less Space.
 Please visit her blog!  She describes her blog as her "quest to be more fit, healthy, strong, and less fat".   
A sometimes sarcastic, and honest story of her adventures during this life journey.  


When Angie at Angie's Healthy Living Blog asked me to be a guest blogger, one of the first things I did (after thanking her for the opportunity), was to ask her if she wanted me to write about a specific topic. She said, “I would just love if you could write a bit about yourself and where you are at.”

Where I’m At   
I began Weight Watchers around March of 2010. Though I am hesitant to say how much I weighed when I joined, I will say this: I have to lose a small person. I have a very long way to go. And it is very slow going.

I’ve only lost 12 pounds. It’s taken me a lot of hard work and time in the gym to lose those 12 pounds. I know I’m better off than I was before. I’m eating tons of vegetables and fruit, I’ve embraced whole grains, and I try to incorporate some form of movement at least 4-5 days a week. I have more energy, my attitude has improved, and I feel healthier. I am starting to fit into some of my clothes (or at least look a little better in them.)

I’ve been a success at Weight Watchers before. It took me a year to lose 50 pounds when I was about 30 years old, and I kept it off for a year. I don’t remember it being nearly as difficult or as challenging as it is now.

So what’s different? I’m older, in my 40s. I’m going out to eat more often, and I probably drink more than a 2-point glass of wine.  Sometimes I give myself  too many excuses not to exercise: it’s too hot, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m too busy, blah, blah, blah.

I also have that difficult time in the month where there is not enough food in the world to satisfy me.

I have a husband who is very fit, who loves to go out to eat and drink good wine. He never gains any weight. On the weekends, I slack off. I don’t always track, I don’t count points. That’s bad.

I realize that these are all excuses. Really bad excuses. I know that if I really want to lose weight, if I really want to see a difference on the scale, I’ve got to get serious. I’ve got to track consistently. I’ve got to count my points. I’ve got to stop sticking my head in the sand every weekend and pretend it won’t matter on weigh-in day. I’ve got to treat my weekends like any other day and track and move my body.

I can’t pretend that the weekends are a free ride. I don’t have a “free pass” on the weekends--I still need to exercise. If I am serious, if I am truly committed to this weight loss, to Healthy Living, I need to something physical, even on a Saturday or Sunday.

I’ve got to stop making it easy on myself. I’ve got to commit myself completely to Healthy Living.

And to get me started, I leave you with one of my favorite fruit smoothies, the Wicked Tasty smoothie. Cheers!

Wicked Tasty Smoothie
  • ½ cup Soy milk
  • 1 ripe banana, frozen if possible
  • Handful of blueberries
  • Splash vanilla extract
  • Splash Agave Nectar
  • Ice
Add all ingredients to blender. Makes a wicked tasty smoothie.

Written by Lynda author of Taking Less Space
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Kitty said...

Hi Lynda! Whats agave nector? How many points would this wonderful shake be? (I'm not attending weight watchers, but I have grown to liking the idea of counting points)

Julie said...

Thank Angie for another truely inspirational lady to meet and greet. Lynda was a great person and such a treat to read about. I'm off to read her blog and just see what life is all about in her world.
Take care and have a blessed day today.

Priscilla said...

I know what its like to struggle with the starting weight. I hate to tell people my current weight because they still dog on me about it...and I'm like "BUT I did lose 15 pounds.." and they still glare.

Simplegirl said...

Hi :-) I am so happy to report that I lost 3 pounds or was it 4?? I'll have to check, either way yay! I have set the goal to eat all things created by land or sea, not man. That means no chips, cookies, pies etc...(I do sneak in a piece of cake though once a month) good old fruits, veggies, grains, wheat etc... Check out my lil garden. I feel so much better too. Thanks for the inspiration Angie.

Lis said...

Another great guest post! Always inspiring to keep up the struggle to be healthy. :)

Lynda with a Y said...

Agave nectar is like honey, so you can certainly substitute honey. This smoothie is about 5-6 points, depending. This morning I made one with reduced calorie peanut butter for protein. Yum.

Latte Mama said...

Hi, thanks for sharing. I just started WW again. This time I'm doing it online, a little cheaper and I don't have to worry about how who I run into when going to weigh in :/

Terry said...

I am a new follower. Please stop over to my blog and check out My Journey With Candida.
Thanks Terry

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
Mmm, I love smoothies.
It is good to see you link up with The Food & Health Blog Hop again.
I hope you have a great weekend.