Monday, July 18, 2011

5th CSA Share

Here is Kaitie with our 5th farm share!

A basket full of fresh organic produce!

This share included
Swiss Chard
Herb bouquet
Why does blogger turn my pics sometime?


Priscilla said...

Hey Angie, its Priscilla! I am back in full blast in the blogging world. :) Didnt forget your blog for a second!

Those veggies look delicious. We have our garden this year which has like 50 green tomatoes but they haven't turned red yet.

shelly said...

That'll make a nice soup.

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Priscilla said...

I nominated you for a reward! Check it out here:

Marisa and Brittany said...

Very nice looking veggies!! Isn't it wonderful to fill our bodies with yummy, healthy foods. We sure feel better when we do... on that note, I think I'll go do yoga and then figure out what thigh-friendly dish I can dazzle my crew with tonight :o)


Julie said...

Hi Angie. I am so glad you stopped by. I've been so busy I have been ignoring most blogs. Sorry about that. I now signed up for your post updates so I'll remember. I so want to get back into your WMWW but I just read back you've taken a break from them. Now I'll know when you start up again.
I love your CSA Shares, seem a bit small but I also have my own garden so it's different. Love the idea though.
Take care and thank you for finding me and following my new blog. That was so cool to see.
Have a blessed and awesome weekend.
Oh that ice-cream looks so yummy. The only thing, could I use regular milk?

Angie said...

Hi Julie,
The shares are much bigger now. I have not updated in a while. I will do that soon!
As for the ice cream go ahead and use regular is so good!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Angie, I came across your amazing blog, while checking out some healthy living blogs. I think your blog is wonderful and I will be back to check out more at a more convenient time.

I also took a look at your other blog and found it delightful. The treasure chest cake your friend made is marvelous!

I'll be back to read more, and check out some of your recipes.
I like the idea of flexitarian. I think that's what I've been for a while, though I must admit the need for more veggies in my diet in a more diverse way would be more beneficial. One day at a time.

I'm passing your link on to a friend, as I think she'll like it very much.