Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow Cooker Saturday! Chicken Mole!

So it is Slow Cooker Saturday and I am making Chicken Mole(pronounced MOL-ay).  It is simmering away in my crock as we speak I type!  I have never ever had chicken mole.  But I have read about it and have always been very curious as to how it would taste.  I love chocolate and I like chicken so why not?  This week at the grocery store I noticed a jar of mole sauce on the bottom of the shelf tucked away in the corner.  Normally I like to make my own sauce,  But mole sauce has a ton of ingredients, I guess that is is why I never made it before.  I think the selling point on this jar of mole sauce was 1. The ingredients for the most part they are all "real" 2. The jar it self! It can be used as a drinking glass! 3. I have always wanted to taste mole sauce!  So here I am making Chicken Mole for dinner!  I will post pics and let you know how I like it after I try it!

Chicken Mole
  • Chicken
  • Jar of Mole sauce
  • Chicken Broth

Turn the crock pot on high, and Jar of sauce and 4 parts broth as per instructions on jar.  Stir until blended(I actually for got to do this part.  oops!) This might be faster in  a sauce pan on the stove depending on how fast your crock heats up.
Add the chicken breasts and immediately turn down to low. Cook for 6 hours.
To serve, remove the chicken from the crock pot, shred with a fork, and put back into the sauce. Serve with warm tortillas, or with rice.

This was so yummy!  I was a little worried about how it would taste while it was cooking, but was very surprised at how well it turned out!  I rolled the chicken mole in ww tortilla and added more sauce on top.  We dressed it up with chopped tomato, swiss cheese(that is what I had in the fridge), and some avocado.  I will definitely make this again.  The whole family enjoyed it!

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So I have some questions for my readers.
Have you tried Mole before?  How do you like to serve it?  Should I put anything extra into the crock with it?


Lis said...

I've never had a traditional mole sauce, but I'd love to try it. It always looks so yummy.

Thanks for linking up to my blog for Slow Cooker Saturday! :)

Billie said...

Thanks for the recipe! It's so easy and sounds really good. I've never tried mole sauce either. You've given me the courage to do it! (I LOVE the fact that the jar is also a glass. I hope I can find the same brand.)

Debbie Barker said...

Sounds great! I think I will try this over the weekend. I will let you know how we liked it! Thanks!

Boulder Locavore said...

Angie this sounds GREAT! I love the whole crock pot idea for ease of time but the recipes are so often uninspired and 'pedestrian'. This looks so simple and delicious! Can't wait to read your other recipes. Great blog!

Mandy said...

Delicious-o! Mole sauce is my favorite and I never forget to buy it when I'm out doing the groceries.