Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black Bean Quesadilla!

Tonight's Dinner!
This one of our favorite meatless meals!  I have share this yummy recipe before...but it is so good I thought I would share again! 
Prep all ingredients.
  • tomato diced
  • green onion sliced
  • soft cooked black beans(can substitute w/chickpea's, or leftover chicken or beef)
  • frozen corn
  • jalapeno pepper, diced real small, no seeds.(this gives it some kick...just enough that kids will still like it)
  • shredded marble cheddar cheese
Arrange ingredients in separate bowl and let you family members load up there own tortilla's!  When they are done, fold in half, and bake till cheese is melted and tortilla crisp!
So simple! So yummy!  No extra seasoning required!
Eat it with a side of salad and Enjoy!

I hope you have fun with creating your own quesadilla!  

Let me know, what do you like in yours!


Maxine Drake said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE black beans. Tell me, is your recipe with can? If so, which brand. I prefer soaking and cooking dried beans.
I think you have inspired a lil Mexican dish for me tonight!

Angie said...

Hi Maxine,
I never use canned foods...I soak and cook dried beans all the time. I am very lucky to be able to purchase local organic dried beans.
My fave place to shop for all my organic pantry stuffs!

Kathy said...

What a great blog! Thanks for friending me on Blog Frog so I could find you!! I look foward to following you and am now a happy follower!

Liss said...

Mmm I love Mexican recipes! This looks so yummy. Love quesadillas. Beans are such a good source of protein and fiber!

Sinea said...

Mmm this looks great. I love black beans. Wish I could talk my wonderful husband into liking them, too. Maybe I can sneak them in? :)

Aubrey West said...

It really looks great and yummy. I love beans, I must try this healthy easy recipes. Thanks!