Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watch My Weight Wednesday!

Plan to eat and keeping track.
It has been proven...By me...planning out your meals ahead of time will make dieting easier to stay on track!
Planning the night before will greatly help you stay on track.
  1. Write it down
  2. Check your kitchen for all ingredients
  3. Prep any food (if you have time) the night before

Keeping track (Weight loss Diary)
It is often forgetfulness (which may at times be willful or deliberate) that causes us to eat more than our plans call for.
  1. Record all that you eat; including snacks, unplanned desserts, even what gets left behind on junior’s plate!  Everything!
  2. Jot down your water consumption
  3. Record your workouts and activities
  4. Each night record your thoughts on how you did that day and what you hope improve for the next day 

Did I forget something?  
What are your tips to help with weight loss?


Home In The Hollow said...

New question/topic for you:
I'm heading to Aruba for two weeks...your help to stay on track? I walk 3 miles of beach in the morning & was going to try for a walk late in the day as well. I'm bringing my exercise bands for resistance too.

Angie said...

Walking is great on vacation! If you are at a resort get out and use their gym too. Don't forget to get up early before it gets to hot. The beach in the morning is breath taking!