Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watch My Weight Wednesday!

This week I have not lost any weight...again.  I really need to kick it in to high gear!  A few social events coming up in the near future.  Maybe this will be the extra motivation I need! 

This summer has been so busy! With only a few more weeks to go before my kids go back to school, and the kids will be away with relatives for those few weeks.  I am hoping this will give me the time to concentrate on me and my weight loss goals. 

So my goal is 10lbs in 8 weeks!  I have done this before so I know how hard it will be.
  • Planning meals ahead of time 
  • Keeping track of my water
  • Adding more daily physical activity
  • No cheating on weekends

This is a blog hop!  Post your recipes, tips, and your weight loss stories!  It can be a new post or an older one that you would like to share.

Would you like to be a guest blogger?  Send me an email!

Add your old or new post below with Linky! Can't wait to see all the helpful tips/recipes/stories you have!
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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

No cheating on weekends is critical! It's annoying when you destroy a weeks worth of hard work over one weekend!

Julie said...

You will do fine Angie. It's not easy at all and oh that food always looks so good. It's just plain hard but you are doing great. Ups and downs are part of all of this. And all that walking, I'm betting some of the new weight is muscle. Keep up the great work my dear and keep encourging us all to do great.
Take care and have a great and blessed day!
Oh also, thank you for hosting this blog hop. I love seeing how everyone is doing and this is such a great way to learn some new ideas. THANK YOU!!

cooperl788 said...

Losing weight is really hard! But you're going to do great, especially because you have an action plan. This is a great blog hop!

tahtimbo said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind, but I entered your blog hop with an older article. It's about the dreaded weight loss plateau. This is something I found out about after not losing any weight for several months.
I wish you all the best! This is a hard road to travel, but you are not alone :)

Ellen said...

Atta girl!! You've got a plan, opportunity and great support! Success- here you come!


Lis said...

It's so hard not to cheat on weekends! I really need to work on that! I've been adding more water to my daily routine as well as more fruits and vegetables. I'm hoping to drop about 20 lbs in the next 2.5 months. I've done it before last year (I lost about 60 lbs in only 6 months), so I know I can do it again!

Jo's Health Corner said...

Hi Angie,
It can be annoying sometimes when the weight doesn't come off..I started a new wellness and fitness blog a short while ago..Take a look. I just started a series on metabolism, tips on how to make it work in your favor, and I just started on metabolic hormones which play a big role in weight loss..

You might find it interesting..

Josh Healy said...

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Jennifer@SweetSimplicity said...

That is always the tough part-not going off plan on the weekends. I entered my link too.

Home Energy said...

If you remain on these plans then you will loose your weight definitely. Hence best of luck for that. You will lose your weight.

Rhonda said...

Stick with it Angie! Be patient. You have set a goal so that means you WILL be successful! I love you blog hop idea! I also FINALLY got around to thanking you for my awards!!

Hungry For Living said...

Hey Angie! I like your new heading!

Angie said...

Thanks Michele! I like it too! :)

Dr. Berg effective diets plan said...

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