Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome back to Watch My Weight Wednesdays!

Today I am so delighted to introduce my first guest blogger, Kate from Mommy MonologuesWelcome Kate I am so happy you could come and share with us today!  If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Kate at her blog   Mommy Monologues, I suggest you all run on over and check it out. I promise you, you'll be glad that you did!

Finding Ways to Enjoy Running

Hi All! I'm Kate & you can usually find me over at Mommy Monologues. I'd like to give a big thank you to Angie for letting me write over here today! I love her blog, she's so inspirational, & her menus pretty much rock! So I'm super excited!

I started sports at the age of 11 which eventually led me to collegiate sports (basketball & cross country) but I never really liked my weight, but I didn't hate myself either. I just knew that I could be healthier. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes, I transferred to a new university, quit sports, & because of all these events happening around the same time it made me want to discover a healthier frame of mind. With that healthier frame of mind & fear of being diabetic, I lost 25 lbs via an overhaul in my eating habits & exercise routine (aka my lack of exercise routine.)

A few years passed, I got married, gained a little bit of weight back, was unhappy about it, found out I was pregnant, and that obviously changed everything. Since I've had the baby (who is now 12 months) I have been an on & off again runner. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with running! I have mostly relied on healthy eating & breastfeeding (burns 500 calories a day woot woot!) to keep me at my "dream" size. And now that breastfeeding is no longer happening I'm having to get back into a work out routine. And y'all that is hard & no fun!

Last night while I was running I got so frustrated. In my mind, I consider myself the ultimate athlete. My body, make that lungs, however would totally disagree with you. I know I'm out of shape and I know my body isn't in it's prime condition.

So, there I was pounding the pavement and after 15 minutes I just stopped. Sat down like a big toddler & wouldn't budge. I was throwing a serious temper tantrum. And then I started talking to myself, "If you aren't going to be positive about this then there is no point in doing it. If aren't going to be nice to yourself while you run then you should just stop now."

And that's when I came up with this list of how to make my daily jogs more enjoyable:

1. Have a set route in mind. Last night I went out to run with no clear map in my head of where to go. So all my mental energy went to focusing on trying to figure out what direction I wanted to run instead of focusing on the actual run itself. Running is just as much mental as it is physical! And it's usually your mental state that will beat you every time!

2. Play games with yourself. Tell yourself that your going to run to the next light pole 50 yards (or even 10 yards) ahead. And when you get to that point you will slow down or take a break. And then start the game again. Or sometimes I have motivational sayings that match up with the beat of when my feet hit the ground. It sounds weird, but seriously I have made it through 13 miles of running saying the same phrase over & over & over in my head.

3. Don't always focus on your watch. When I look to see how long I've been running & I realize that it's been 3 minutes & it feels like 30, that's when I flip my watch to where I can't see it anymore. This always helps me focus on my strides instead of focusing on being miserable.

4. Don't start out overly ambitious. Like I said, I'm getting back into running after an extended amount of time off (that's nice for saying a year away from running.) So whenever I'm trying to get back into the swing of things I start out very, very moderately. For example, if I'm in bad, bad shape I'll start out running 1 minute, walking 2. And I will rotate that cycle for 30 minutes. This way I can build up to running a full 30-45 minutes over a period of time. Check out Five Weeks to Your First 5k-- even if you aren't wanting to run in races, this will help you to become a runner!

5. Don't push yourself. If you're at a breaking point for the day, take it easy. Do whatever you need to in order to get some sort of work out in for the day. But don't push your body or your mind because you won't look forward to your workout the next day if you've pushed too hard. Sometimes you need to be easy on yourself.
Today for example, I mentally could not handle an actual run. So I walked & I felt great afterwards! Tomorrow, I'll try to run because I didn't push myself so hard. I'm actually looking forward to making myself go harder (and yes, I have my route already picked out! :) Exercising is supposed to be fun, it is definitely hard, but it can be a blast at the same time!

So get out there, pound the pavement, & enjoy yourself!
And Good Luck!
    Written by Kate
    Mommy Monologues

    How are you all doing this week? 
    I am doing well!  I have been reading up on metabolisms and metabolic typing.  I can't wait to tell you all what I have been learning!   This week I am sticking to my normal goals, with the addition of squeezing in a half hour of wii fit in the afternoon.  I also got this cute tracker!  20 lbs to go!  Hopefully this well remind me and motivate me to keep at it!  
    Would love to see what you all have been up to!   Linky is open!!!

    Please link directly to your post and not your blog URL. Link back here so that everyone can join in the fun.  And don't forget after linking check back and visit some great blogs!  That why we are doing this!  To help each other succeed!  We can do this!


    Julie said...

    Oh Angie, thank you so much for introducing Kate. Setting goals, that's seems to be a hard one for me. I know my big goal but need many little ones to get there. I need to sit down, with pen and paper and start writing. I don't think I'd ever become a runner but a jogger I could maybe do. We'll just see where life leads.
    Take care Angie and thank you for hosting Watch My Weight Wednesdays.
    Have a great day. God bless!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Kate! Great advice! I like the part about not looking at the watch. That's what would get to me the most!

    Good for you for getting back into it.

    Priscilla said...

    I wish I could run! Hey Angie I moved to blogger. My new blog is: http://beagirl87.blogspot.com


    Missy said...

    Hmmm....now if I was only a runner. LOL

    Exercise is my nemesis.

    The Caffeinated Librarian said...

    Great advice! I used to really enjoy running, and I need to get back into it.

    Thanks for following me on Blog Frog! I look forward to following your posts!

    Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

    Thank you Angie for having me! I had fun writing it! And while running tonight I left my watch at home & I actually had a lot more fun! I'm trying to practice what I preach!

    Dani @ PFL said...

    Love the guest post! I'm a beginner runner and eat tips up! Thank you. =)

    Angie said...

    I was thinking about these 5 tips at the gym this morning! I was only planning to work out for a half hour, but ended up working for a whole hour! Thanks Kate for the great tips!

    Myzdamena said...

    Some days I'm not that hot on walking so running definitely out for me at the moment!

    ..but those are some great tips from Kate for people who want to get their running on :)

    Love that tracker! .. I think sometimes mine is the only thing that keeps me going as it shows that even though some weeks I may not lose, that I definitely have lost a big chunk before!

    Good luck! xxx

    Gail xx