Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Guess I am the "IT" girl today!

There is somewhat of a tag game going around today!  And I was tagged twice!  In two different games!  I am afraid if I don't make this post soon I will be tagged some more!  HAHAHA but that is ok, I love to play!  I wonder if the people I tag will play too?  Hmmm we will soon see!

I was tagged by Lisa at Fine Sweet Life.  With this one I have to state 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates.

Pammy Pam over at i forgot what i was doing also tagged me in Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

Likes/Things that make me happy!
  1. A day at the beach with my family (Don't go often enough)
  2. dark chocolate (Mmmmmm!)
  3. a really good read (Looking for some good summer reads!  Suggestions?)
  4. flowers (When picked fresh out of the garden and left around the house to surprise me!)
  5. spending time with good friends (you know who you are)
  6. Coffee (switched to substitute, but still treat myself on occasion)
  7. Date night (which is not as regular as it used to be)
  8. Garage/Thrift shopping (Finding the great find!)
  9. Cooking A new dinner (And the kids actually like it!)
  10. Baking fresh bread (Which I do not do every week,bad for my waist line!)
  11. Playing with the kids (just being silly)
  12. Watching a really good movie!  (love the movies!)

My family!  The whole lot of them including our best friends!

Why only one love, and eight hates?
I am going to pass on this one.

Okay, now I get to tag three people for the first one - 10 likes, 1 love, 8 hates.
  1. Heather at Out Of The Box Into The Kitchen   
  2. Kate at Mommy Monologues 
  3. Sarah at Sugar Bananas! 

Now for ten bloggers for Ten Things That Make Me Happy!
  1. Laura at Hey What's For Dinner Mom?
  2. Lis at An American Girl in Bristol
  3. Jo at Jo's Health Corner  
  4. Kelly at Blue Frogs Legs 
  5. Kathleen at Getting Healthy with Bubba and Bellie
  6. Debbi  at Debbi Does Dinner... Healthy & Low Calorie
  7. Priscilla at Heart Sparrow
  8. Amy at a Foodie Fairytale
  9. RJ at A Life Designed by RJ
  10. Sarah at Dream In Domestic
 Tag you guys are it now!


Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Have you read The Glass Castle yet? That is a great one...I've also heard "the girl with the dragon tattoo" series is good:)

Rustown Mom said...

That Glass Castle is so good. Also, if you never read the Nanny Diaries, that's a fun read, as well as any and all Amy tan books. Happy reading!

alicia said...

Congrats on being IT. Enjoyed your things you love list. I recently started Sunday Smiles and it's great to remember those beautiful things in our lives.

Jason said...

Likes/Things that make me happy!

#7 should be a bit higher up.....

Angie said...

Sorry Jason :)
The list was not in any particular order. #7 is my #1!

Out of the Box into the Kitchen said...

thanks for tagging me! and i can't believe they want 8 hates and only 1 love!

Out of the Box into the Kitchen said...

oh and for summer reads:

This Little Mommy Stayed Home by Samantha Wilde, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks(tear jerker though) and I really like Jodi PIcoult

Priscilla said...

Thanks for choosing me!

Melissa said...

Thanks for tagging me, Angie! :)